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The Restorative Justice Program will recruit and service those individuals between the ages of 18 and 26 years of age who had or have some contact with the criminal justice system in need of support service or diversionary interventions.
Requested Donation: $50.00 Sankofa Safe Child - Masquerade Ball We follow all Covid 10 protocol, Mask Required. RSVP Via the following Link:
RSVP and reserve your tickets by simply emailing us at or by calling Sankofa at (773) 542-9900
FREE EVENT! In the spirit of Harambee (pulling together), we welcome you to our Statewide Kinship Care, Grand Parents Raising Grand Children, Foster Care, and Adoption Symposium. The theme is amplifying the voices of families by “Raising Precious Gifts That Will Give Back to the Village.” Sankofa Safe Child Initiative in collaboration with Congressman Danny K. Davis is “Looking Back to go Forward” in implementing a stronger Village especially in Health and Human Services: Title VII and H.R.1757 Trauma-informed care for Children and Families Act of 2017. The Purpose of the Symposium is to increase awareness, build and increase resources, develop support and focus groups statewide, increase adoptions and foster homes, target domains that explicitly aim at outcomes and inclusion of prevention, as well as, promote advocacy and policy issues. These two days of meetings are to generate, heal and look at the whole child; providing wrap-around services that strengthen families. In addition, we want to provide knowledge focused on assisting kinship caregivers in learning about finding/using programs and services to meet the needs of the children they are raising and their own needs. Finding effective partnerships among public and private agencies to ensure all families are provided support services that may include any combination of education, health services and financial as well as tax incentives. Extended family, friends and other “fictive kin” who are caring for children. The Laws often dictate outcomes of child safety, child permanency, child well-being, access to services, and referrals to services as well as adult well-being. It will be a joy to refocus, renew and reconnect for motherhood and fatherhood are still one of our most precious gifts. The good news is that we are powerful, knowledgeable and capable beyond measures. We are encouraging you to join us on what will prove to be another life-changing experience and hope you will leave bolstered by a renewal sense of your ancestral greatness and a commitment to do all in your power to make our communities healthier, stronger and richer.