Sankofa Safe Child Initiative Receives the Safe & Peaceful Communities Awards!

The Chicago Fund for Safe and Peaceful Communities has awarded Sankofa Safe Child Initiative a 2018 grant, one of 132 rapid response grants to support activities that promote safe and peaceful conditions in 19 prioritized Chicago communities.

With this grant, we are able to celebrate this “Girls Speak Out” Event. The theme for 2018 years is “Dance for Your Health”. The first of the three educational and exciting events will be held July 28th, 2018 at the Sankofa House, where the first part of the day will consist of educational sessions. The second part will be held outdoors in the form of a Block Party to encourage fitness & health with aerobics and jump rope with the young girls. This program is an informative, self-awareness program created to help young girls of African American and Latino descent fulfill a holistic approach to mind, body and spirit.

The Chicago Fund for Safe and Peaceful Communities (“The Fund”) was launched in 2016 as a proactive response to a potential spike in violence during summer months; a coalition of philanthropic organizations, The Partnership for Safe and Peaceful Communities, administers its funding. The Fund exists to support nonprofit organizations that promote safety and peace, and build community cohesion.

Friday, December 30, 2011


Cook County Commissioner Robert Steele welcomes children of Sankofa Safe Child Initiative to a Christmas party he sponsored. (Photo by Charles Smith)

George Daniels of George’s Music Room plays Santa and helps distribute gifts at Commissioner Robert Steele’s Christmas party at Sankofa Safe Child Initiative. (Photo by Charles Smith)  More… Here